Glass Seed Beads 11/0


Size 11/0 Glass Seed Beads

When it comes to intricate beadwork and jewelry making, 11/0 glass seed beads are a staple in any serious crafter’s collection. These tiny beads, known for their consistency and vibrant colors, allow for detailed and elaborate designs that stand the test of time.  These beads provide endless possibilities for creativity.

Applications and Uses

Whether you are creating intricate bead embroidery, peyote stitch patterns, or simple stringing projects, 11/0 glass seed beads are incredibly versatile. Their small size makes them ideal for detailed work such as loom weaving, bead weaving, and embellishment of textiles. Additionally, they can be used to add subtle accents to larger beads or focal pieces, enhancing the overall design of your creations.

Choosing 11/0 glass seed beads is an excellent decision for crafters seeking precision and elegance in their work.

40g/1.41 oz

Cousin Corporation of America. Made in China

Caution: Not a toy. Not intended for children under 15 years.  This product is intended for adult fashion and decorative uses only. Do not put items into mouth or ingest.

Additional information

Weight.5 lbs

Gold, Green, Light gold, Red, Teal, White